iTrainSnowsports Features

Schedule Submission NEW

No more faxing and emailing everyone availability calendars at the start of the season. Using iTrainSnowsports schedule submitter your staff can quickly and easily communicate their availability to your scheduling team. This feature is highly customizable to display peak days, and even accommodate shifts and work areas.

Effective Communication NEW

Communication with small and large staffs alike just became a whole bunch easier. iTrainSnowSports allows you to create alerts that can be displayed to your whole staff. These alerts are prominently displayed atop each user's dashboard, and management has the option to broadcast these communications through E-mail and SMS text messages with the click of a button. Theses communications can be assigned different levels of importance so you can always grab your staff's attention. No more endless mass emails about internal policies, road closures, staff reminders, and social events. All of your school's communication is now simplified and its reach expanded.

Powerful Scheduling

Create a training schedule using tools that set your instructors up for success. iTrainSnowsports provides not only a custom calendar that displays all of your school's training offerings, but gives every instructor in your school their own calendar showing every event and clinic they have signed up for. Clinics and events can be sorted by any discipline, are color coded, and displayed in an attractive format. Users can see who is leading the clinic along with who is signed up, and this information in complemented by each user's picture. Signing up is easy on any device, and instructors can suggest offering to other instructors greatly increasing school wide training participation. Trainers can also take attendance through iTrain, reducing the paper trail.

Mobile Friendly

More then friendly, iTrainSnowsports is fluent in mobile. Every function and page is accessible from nearly any mobile device. Instructors can sign up for training right on the hill, or cancel training quickly when their schedule changes. Supervisors everywhere enjoy the ability to pull activity reports while on the lift, or any location resort wide. iTrainSnowsports gives management, supervisors, and instructors alike access to information without having to be in front of a desktop computer.

Reminders and Notices

Every user has the option to have reminders and notices sent via text message, and or email. Communication is streamlined with automatic notices that are triggered when: Instructors sign up for clinics, when a clinic is suggested, 24 hours before a clinic is to start with a reminder, if a clinic is canceled, and after a clinic when a survey is ready to be taken. Messages can be sent about a clinic to all who are signed up right from within the application, for example, if the start time or location was to change. No more bulk emails, or scrambling to assemble contact information. iTrainSnowsports facilities seamless communication within your school.

Feedback for All

Feedback is key to improving the staff of any ski school, instructors and trainers alike. iTrainSnowsports makes this collection of data easy and actually attainable for the first time. Surveys can be attached to any and every clinic. Ask the participants about their trainers performance, and ask the trainer about the participants performance with separate surveys. Create different surveys for new hire training, kids training, certification training, or any other area with ease. Surveys are assembled with questions drawn from your school's question bank. Ask numerical rating, yes / no, or open ended free text questions. Most importantly, surveys are quick and easy to answer at home, in the locker room, or on a mobile device.

Document Storage

For an outdoor activity, Snowsport Schools do generate a ton of paper. Clinic handouts, operation manuals, safety paperwork, Human Resources documents, certification guides, newsletters, photos, and even videos can no all be stored within iTrainSnowsports. Accessed by using the "My School" function, your staff can now have anytime access to this important information. Create different categories to organize all of this information, and choose who can can have access, instructors, trainers, managers, or all. Have a specific handout that will be used in a clinic or event offering? Attach it directly to a clinic so that all who sign up have immediate access. No need for constant emails or a separate site to log into, custom built secure cloud storage for your ski school is here.


When your school purchases a license to iTrainSnowsports your are not getting some cookie cutter system that will stand alone. We take the time to access and address all of the systems that you use in your school. We often can link instructor scheduling programs, payroll access, and other websites that your school uses into iTrainSnowsports, providing your staff with one single log in. Each license comes with a custom log in page, displaying your schools logo and the display colors of the application can be changed to match your schools color as well. We offer more even more options with beautifully designed custom school websites that can provide guests with information about your products, potential new hires with information about your school, and access to iTrainSnowsports for your staff.

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